WNRS 2022 – Leading the Way in Modern Neuroradiology Practice

Conference of Doctors listening to a keynote presentation

Respected HALO physician, Dr. Christopher Hancock, delivered the opening presentation at the 2022 Western Neuroradiology Society annual conference.  

Even though HALO is known for its use of modern technology and precision diagnostics, we never forget the people on the other side of the machines. We believe in empowering patients with the latest knowledge about their condition and treatment options, and we do it with pride and compassion. HALO providers and clinicians are world-class, holding themselves to the highest standards and exhibiting a level of expertise not often found in one organization. One example is Christopher Hancock, MD, MBA. 

Dr. Hancock was selected to join other leading physicians and researchers across the country in presenting at the 54th annual Western Neuroradiological Society annual conference on Sunday, October 23, 2022. He presented to fellow radiologists and scientists on important 2022 American College of Radiology (ACR) safety updates pertaining to the use of contrast media.  

The Western Neuroradiological Society (WNRS) is a prestigious organization representing the states west of the Mississippi River. The organization was founded in 1968 on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, to develop and support standards for the training and practice of neuroradiology in the community.1 As part of that mission, experienced physicians and scientists like Dr. Hancock are selected each year to present the newest information at the annual conference. Presenters at the conference are often recognized as the best in the field.  

Dr. Hancock is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist in precision medicine at our HALO Diagnostics Innovation Center, specializing in neuroradiology with focused research in dementia, spine pain, regenerative medicine, and wellness/longevity healthcare. Dr. Hancock also teaches as an assistant clinical professor of radiology at University of California, Riverside. 

Presentation Highlights 

Kicking off the roster of presentations on Sunday of the conference, Dr. Hancock delivered key points related to the 2022 updated ACR Manual on Contrast Media.2

Dr. Hancock’s presentation focused on two new updates from the ACR and how they impacted current practice: 

  1. Evidence-based recommendations on extravasation of contrast media (a problem that occurs when contrast dye leaks into the tissue around the vein where the IV was placed) 
  2. New recommendations for pregnancy screening with gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs). 

Feel Confident with HALO 

Every field in healthcare is rapidly changing, and diagnostic radiology is no exception. That’s why our providers dedicate time and effort to staying current with the latest research and industry guidelines.  

Dr. Hancock is an excellent example and ambassador for the type of expert care we offer at HALO. Our providers and technologists are professional and knowledgeable about developments in the science behind what we do. We are proud of the cutting-edge services we offer to patients and our trusted relationships with providers in the community.


1 https://wnrs.org/

2 https://www.acr.org/-/media/ACR/files/clinical-resources/contrast_media.pdf

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