Saving Lives With Early Disease Detection

The very latest in precision diagnostics in one convenient location

HALO Precision DiagnosticsTM Paint a Picture of Your Overall Health

Personalizing care like never before

Overall Health Picture: Advanced Imaging, Genetic Testing, Digital Pathology, Cardiac Assessment, Disease Marker Analysis, Care Recommendations

All tests are performed under one roof at a HALO Precision Diagnostic Center.

We provide rapid, precise, and actionable results that create life-changing and life-saving individualized plans for patients. Care guided by precision diagnostics is more cost effective, more accurate, and less invasive.

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HALO Is Innovating to Fight 5 Deadly Diseases


Our groundbreaking combination of diagnostics, genetic tests, and treatments are improving quality of life and reducing prostate cancer deaths.


Our comprehensive breast care program ensures patients get the best possible outcomes.


Using advanced imaging, we can see if plaque has developed in arteries, which helps determine the best treatment.


Our leading-edge scans provide detailed images that help reduce the risk of lung cancer deaths by 20%.


Our use of sophisticated imaging finds hidden brain injuries so patients can get treatment as quickly as possible.

The Latest Innovations