Additional Diagnostics

HALO Diagnostics: A Different Kind of Healthcare Company

Many in medicine today still treat health problems like cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease and chronic pain with the technology of yesterday.
At HALO Diagnostics, we advance technology to increase access to life-changing diagnostic and treatment solutions, and deliver personalized treatment through our imaging centers.
Example: Laser Focal Therapy
Dr. John Feller, Chief Medical Officer at HALO Diagnostics, recently presented 10-year results of HALO Diagnostics’ phase II trial of laser focal therapy for prostate cancer. The results are impressive:
  • 100% prostate cancer survival rate
  • <1% incontinence (vs 25% risk with whole gland prostatectomy)
  • <1% erectile dysfunction (vs 50% risk with whole gland prostatectomy)
  • <1% infection (vs 4% risk with whole gland prostatectomy)