Netherland’s World Cup Coach Louis van Gaal and His Battle with Prostate Cancer

Group Of People Waving Flags at the World Cup

Although most of the attention during the World Cup has focused on the players on the pitch, one man on the sideline has been attracting a lot of attention. Most people know Louis van Gaal, the coach of the Dutch national team, due to his long track record of success coaching some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs. Many people don’t know that he recently announced in the spring of 2022 that he’d been successfully treated for an aggressive form of prostate cancer.1

Screening for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a topic that many men find uncomfortable discussing, even with their loved ones or medical provider. Even Coach van Gaal spent months keeping his diagnosis and treatment secret from his team because he was worried about being a distraction. This required the cooperation of medical staff to get him into and out of the hospital building without the paparazzi noticing him. This silence, however, no matter how well-intentioned, leaves a gap that could be filled with misinformation.

Information and Screenings Can Save Lives

We urge cancer survivors like Coach van Gaal to speak up about prostate cancer and how people can successfully emerge on the other side of treatment. For van Gaal, the treatment process was not straightforward as he required more than 20 radiation treatments.

However, if his appearance on the sideline is any indication, van Gaal is back on the road to good health (and a strong showing for the Netherlands football team). Van Gaal himself notes that at his six-month check after radiation treatment his providers declared him to be cancer free and in remission.

Celebrities Encourage Regular Screenings

Van Gaal is not the only celebrity with a large audience to speak up and advocate for greater prostate cancer awareness, though. Ben Stiller, the funnyman star of the Fockers trilogy, has also talked about his personal battle with prostate cancer and has reminded his followers of the importance of PSA blood tests, which can detect cancer at an early stage of the disease. In addition, Oscar-winner Robert De Niro has been forthright about talking about his own battle with prostate cancer and his father’s sad death from the disease.

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