Biomarkers and Genomics in Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

Genetic Testing

Most men are already familiar with the PSA test, the prostate-specific antigen test which is the most commonly used blood test to assess prostate cancer risk. But what about biomarker, genetic, and genomic testing?

At HALO Diagnostics, we use biomarker, genetic, and genomic testing to provide personalized healthcare for each patient using precision diagnostics. Biomarker testing encompasses a number of different tests including urine-based tests like ExoDx from ExosomeDx (a Bio-Techne brand). This is a new and unique urine-based test that looks for cancer-specific biomarkers and can help determine a patient’s risk for developing aggressive prostate cancer. This test was validated in two separate clinical studies to determine its reliability. If the test results show a lower risk score, patients can safely avoid an unnecessary prostate biopsy.

While most cases of prostate cancer can be present within the body and grow so slowly that they never threaten a man’s life, other cancers can grow quickly and metastasize to other parts of the body. The ExoDx test analyzes three distinct biomarkers associated with aggressive prostate cancer and provides important insight that can help you know whether to proceed or defer a prostate biopsy.

Genetic test results can be used to make decisions about early screening, inform other family members of their potential risk, and even potentially affect family planning decisions for the future. If you do develop prostate cancer, knowing the specific genetic mutation involved can guide treatment options and decisions. Some cancers, including prostate cancer, can be caused by mutations in one of several genes.

After a positive prostate biopsy, genomic testing can help determine a tumor’s metastatic potential and the risk that it will spread to other areas of the body which can in turn help indicate if a minimally invasive treatment (such as Laser Focal Therapy) may be effective. If a biopsy is performed, advanced genomic testing of the biopsy tissue may be recommended using a Decipher Prostate Test to help guide selection of the most appropriate treatment option(s).

Biomarker, genetic and genomic testing, when used in combination with other forms of testing, offer something very important: new insight into your specific condition, to assist you in deciding the best course of action. After all, that’s the goal of personalized medicine and a key difference between HALO Diagnostics and other prostate cancer programs.

To learn more about prostate cancer diagnosis, genetic testing, or treatment options, please contact our team of prostate care professionals today!

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