Dr. Karamanian Introduces TULSA-Pro for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Karamanian Tulsa Pro Presentation

During this informative presentation by Dr. Karamanian—a board-certified radiologist that leads the Prostate Laser Center in Houston, TX—learn more about TULSA-Pro, a minimally invasive focal therapy procedure for men struggling with prostate cancer.

HALO Diagnostics and the Prostate Laser Center of Houston are committed to supporting Tex US TOO‘s (a local chapter of ZERO Cancer) mission of helping men diagnosed with prostate cancer lead healthy and productive lives by offering unbiased information, peer counseling, fellowship, and emotional support.

By staying active in community initiatives and building awareness around the threat of prostate cancer, we are able to provide the men in our lives with better information about early prevention, detection, and treatment of this complex disease.

If you would like to learn more about TULSA-Pro and determine if you are a strong candidate for the procedure, please schedule a consultation with our experts at HALO Diagnostics.


1 https://texustoo.org/about/

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