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Now Offering the HALO PathWay™ for Breast

Saving Lives With Early Breast Cancer Detection

HALO is committed to early-stage disease screening, diagnosis, and care. Learn more about how the future of your healthcare is in your hands with the HALO PathWayTM for Breast.

Precision Diagnostics = Early Detection

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Screenings help find cancers early, before they spread.

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Genetics can identify your inherited risks of cancer.

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Analysis can find indicators of disease in the body.

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3D advanced imaging scans can detect warning signs of cancers and disease.

Together, these insights provide a clear and detailed picture of your health, enabling you and your doctor to make informed decisions about disease risk, prevention, and management.

HALO PathWayTM for Breast for Referring Physicians

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The integrated report provides a summary of your genetic testing results and simplifies the patient experience.

Why Early Breast Cancer Detection Saves Lives

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime1
30-50% of cancers are preventable with early detection and healthy lifestyle choices2
5% more women are identified with precision diagnostics and then receive additional screening with advanced imaging3
4x higher 5-year survival rate when cancer is caught early, compared to those diagnosed in later stages4

1 Breastcancer.org    2 Cancer.org    3 A Population-Based Study of Genes Previously Implicated in Breast Cancer, PubMed 33471974    4 seer.cancer.gov

The HALO ExperienceTM

providing convenience and confidence for patients seeking early detection

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I highly recommend genetic testing for all women, especially if they have a history of breast cancer in their family, even if it is just one family member.

The HALO Diagnostics Difference

Getting you from screening to diagnosis, faster

HALO is empowering better health by enabling patients to get diagnosed early and on a precise treatment pathway faster than ever before. This is possible through:

  • Advanced imaging and non-invasive tests
  • All testing under one roof at a HALO Precision Diagnostic Center

Using this approach, time from screening to diagnosis is faster and more convenient, cutting weeks or months down to just days. HALO also provides support for care coordination so you can spend more time taking care of you.

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More than a test center

Halo Diagnostics Genetic Testing Kit

The First Step in Early Detection

The key piece of our precision diagnostics is the HALO PathWayTM for breast. By streamlining genetic testing and breast imaging, patients get the testing they need. During your appointment, saliva is collected and sent out to be analyzed. The lab results from your saliva testing are combined with your imaging results into a patient-friendly report sent to your doctor. The HALO PrecisionReportTM is an integrated, holistic report providing a 360-degree view of the patient’s condition and hereditary risks. Based on clinical guidelines, the report will also include recommendations and next steps.

Tests with the power to save lives

Take a Stand Against Breast Cancer, Sooner

At your annual mammogram visit done at a HALO Precision Diagnostic Center, you will be asked to spit in a test tube. The DNA in your saliva will then be used for genetic testing. When testing identifies high-risk patients, including those with BRCA gene variants, additional breast MRI screening may be recommended.

This added screening increases the cancer detection rate by three times in high-risk woman.5 Detecting cancer is the first step to an earlier diagnosis. Cancer that is diagnosed earlier also requires less invasive surgery and treatment for improved outcomes.

5 Survival Outcomes of Screening with Breast MRI in Women at Elevated Risk of Breast Cancer, https://academic.oup.com/jbi/article/2/1/29/5706020

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We provide rapid, precise, and actionable results that create life-changing and life-saving individualized plans for patients.

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