Dr. Feller Shares “The 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Cancer”

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Dr. John Feller, Chief Medical Officer for HALO Precision Diagnostics and a board-certified Diagnostic Radiologist, recently sat down with Savio Clemente for Authority Magazine for their interview series called, “5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Cancer”, where he shared his background and personal expertise on the subject of cancer, and how precision diagnostics are helping people detect cancer sooner.

Facts About Cancer

Cancer is a multifactorial disease, impacted by genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Often categorized by “stages,” if cancer is caught in stage 1 or 2, there is a dramatic increase in survival rates and quality of life. Early detection makes all the difference, allowing for less-invasive, more-precise treatment sooner, and a longer, better quality of life. Research shows:

  • A 99% 5-year survival rate when cancer is detected early in stage 1–2 (versus 26% 5-year survival rate for late-stage or metastatic cancer diagnoses)
  • A 50% elimination of over-treatment of prostate cancer (focal versus radical), safely avoiding 27% of prostate biopsies in men with an elevated screening serum PSA
  • And the ability to identify 50% more women at high risk of breast cancer by offering breast MRIs in addition to their regular mammogram screening

Unfortunately, most cancers are caught at stage 3 or 4, when lives are at risk and more aggressive, invasive treatment is required. In Dr. Feller’s specialty of prostate cancer, conventional imaging cannot identify the location and extent of prostate cancer resulting in overtreatment with invasive surgery, or treatment that is too late.

That is why HALO is combining the most-advanced imaging, digital pathology, molecular genomics, and predictive analytics to help patients determine their lifetime risk of cancer and detect disease sooner.

5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Cancer

  1. Know your risk factors, both genetic and lifestyle-based. Precision diagnostics can provide a 360-degree view of your lifetime cancer risk, offering valuable insights so you can be proactive and lead a long, healthy life.
  2. If detected early, cancer is much easier to treat with fewer side effects and better outcomes. This is why regular screenings are imperative.
  3. Early detection may improve the survival of 30–50% of cancers when combined with healthy lifestyle choices.
  4. Listen to your body — if you start experiencing new symptoms, see a doctor and voice your concerns.
  5. A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Know that there is hope. Early cancer detection and treatment is advancing every day, making a real difference for patients and their well-being.

Early Detection with HALO

Flipping the focus of cancer care from late-stage diagnosis and treatment to early detection and less-invasive therapies is Dr. Feller’s primary motivation. Precision diagnostics makes early detection of the deadliest diseases a reality — saving lives and improving the quality of life. At HALO Precision Diagnostics, we are cutting diagnosis time from weeks or months to just days, enabling patients to get on a precise treatment path faster than ever before.

To learn more about genetic testing and uncovering your lifetime risk of cancer, explore the HALO PathWays or schedule a consultation in the link below.

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Clemente’s full interview with Dr. Feller can be found here.

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