Chris Hemsworth’s Shocking Announcement

Granddaughter spends time with her grandmother that is struggling with Alzheimer's

In the last few weeks, attention on Alzheimer’s disease has exploded again due to an announcement by one of the stars of the glittering Marvel Universe. Chris Hemsworth, best known as the well-muscled Thor, announced that through genetic screening, he discovered that he carried two copies of the ApoE4 genea gene that has been strongly linked to a dramatically elevated risk of developing Alzheimer’s, perhaps 8-10 times higher.1 

This news came as a shock to him since the testing had simply been part of what he had been doing in his new docuseries Limitless on Disney-Plus. This series looks to push the boundaries of what humans are capable of through six epic challenges. Both Hemsworth and the producers of Limitless highlight that the goal is to show people how they can live longer with good health and happiness while tackling conditions related to aging.  

Hemsworth notes that he is not alone in carrying this double genetic whammy. In fact, 2-3 percent of Americans likely carry two copies of the ApoE4 gene.2 But, learning this information made Hemsworth sit up and take notice, leading him to reassess his priorities in his life and in his career.  

Information Can Guide Decisions  

Even though Hemsworth has emphasized in interviews that he does not see this genetic information as a doomsday diagnosis, he also has highlighted to his legion of fans that he sees it as a wake-up call to take action. Part of this wake-up call for him has been pausing his acting career to focus on his health and lifestyle choices.  

He underscored that he would focus on boosting his healthy sleep habits, cutting stress, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet high in antioxidants, and exercising regularly. In a comment that is sure to resonate with many of his fans who may struggle to make healthy lifestyle choices a part of their routine, Hemsworth emphasized that consistency will be one of his primary focuses.  

Hemsworth, who has a family connection to Alzheimer’s through his grandfather, who battled the disease, hopes that talking about his results on camera to a worldwide audience will boost awareness about the condition.  

However, Hemsworth is not the only star who has become a public face of the disease. Before his death from Alzheimer’s, country superstar Glen Campbell released an album and spoke about the effect the condition had had on his life in an emotional interview. Former Alias star, Victor Garber, has also become a de facto spokesperson for the disease following his parents’ death from Alzheimer’s.  

Screening Can Make A Difference 

In addition to promoting newfound attention to healthy lifestyle choices, Hemsworth’s statements have also prompted a spike in interest in the genetic screening he completed as part of Limitless. The great news is that similar genetic testing is offered by HALO Diagnostics. Taking this step could provide you with the vital information you need to gain a better understanding of your risks associated with developing diseases and other conditions.  

If you want to learn more about HALO’s screening and diagnostic testing services, give us a call at 1-844-425-6391 today! 



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