INDIAN WELLS, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This September, National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, HALO Diagnostics (Dx) wants men to know just how vital routine screening is when it comes to saving lives.

During the pandemic, prostate cancer screenings fell by 83%, putting more men at risk for late-stage diagnoses and metastatic disease. With prostate cancer being the second most common cancer among American men, they say early detection is vital.

“Early disease detection facilitates less invasive treatment options, which can ultimately preserve quality of life.”

“Prostate cancer affects not only the patient but his loved ones, too” said Dr. John Feller, Chief Medical Officer at HALO Diagnostics. “When caught early, this disease has a nearly 100% 5-year survival rate. Early diagnoses facilitate less invasive treatments.”

Firstline screening options:

Getting Treated

Instead of prostate removal, radiation, or chemotherapy (which carry higher risks of erectile dysfunction and incontinence), patients have options like HALO Dx Laser Focal Therapy, and TULSA-PRO® (Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation), both non-invasive MRI-guided therapies with reduced side effects.

“Our prostate cancer treatment program is dedicated to preserving men’s quality of life. We provide therapies that are personal and precise.” said Dr. Feller.

HALO Dx is the only center in the nation to offer both Laser Focal Therapy and TULSA-PRO®, which use heat to precisely ablate cancerous tissue and leave healthy tissue intact.

We provide rapid, precise, and actionable results that create life-changing and life-saving individualized plans for patients.

Precision Diagnostics

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Prostate Health

Early detection saves lives. HALO is setting the new standard for prostate care.