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Saving Lives With Early Disease Detection

We believe technology will unlock the power of personalized medicine by combining individual diagnostic insights into an ensemble view of your health.

Why Choose Scionti Prostate Center?

The Scionti Prostate Center provides your personalized pathway to prostate cancer care.

Over the past 20 years Dr. Stephen Scionti has developed the largest and most experienced practice for prostate cancer treatment using minimally invasive thermal ablation technologies such as HIFU, TULSA-Pro, Cryoablation and Prostate Laser Ablation. He has achieved global recognition for his experience, skill and groundbreaking clinical contributions in the field of image-guided prostate cancer ablation.

Dr Scionti Sitting
2000+ HIFU prostate
200+ TULSA-Pro ablation
1100+ successful prostate
cryoablation procedures
3000+ Fusion-guided biopsies

Pioneers of men’s health.

Our team takes a personalized approach to care, guiding patients throughout each phase of genetic testing, screening, diagnosis, and therapies. HALO Precision Diagnostic’s clinical ensemble is changing the way healthcare happens, offering a full view into each patient’s profile and providing physicians with key insights designed to better diagnose, understand, treat, and prevent disease.

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We provide rapid, precise, and actionable results that create life-changing and life-saving individualized plans for patients.

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