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Preserving Quality of Life with Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

1 in 8 men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis this year. Thousands will be told they have limited options, and that is not true.

HALO Diagnostics has been a pioneer in advancing minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment with reduced side effects. HALO provides a treatment pathway personalized for each individual prostate cancer or BPH diagnosis. Treatment options include:
  • mpMRI prostate screenings to identify areas of suspicious tissue before an invasive biopsy.
  • The HALO Diagnostics ensemble approach of mpMRI + PSAD + ExoDx misses 0% of clinically significant prostate cancer 13.5% of unnecessary biopsies are completely avoided.
  • HALO offers two focal therapeutic treatment options:
    • Laser Focal Therapy (LFT)
    • TULSA-PRO®
MRI-guided Laser Focal Therapy showed a better safety profile than standard treatments for patients with localized prostate cancer. (Source: Urology Times 2020)

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