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How Diet Impacts Your Chances of Developing Prostate Cancer

9/24/21 4:33 PM

Big, juicy filets. Bacon and bleu burgers. Milkshakes! If you have prostate cancer, none of these things should be on the menu. But that doesn't leave you without options. In fact, the alternatives will leave you feeling much better overall - cancer or no cancer. 

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The Essential Prostate Cancer Risk Guide 2021

9/13/21 11:19 AM

Before takeoff, flight attendants tell you to "put your oxygen mask on first" in case of an emergency. They tell you to do this so that you are able to breathe and survive while helping those around you. When it comes to prostate cancer awareness and prevention, knowledge is your oxygen mask. Use this guide to learn the risk factors and what to do about them. Then help others by sharing what you know. You might just save a life. #prostatecancerawarenessmonth

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Happy Father's Day from HALO Dx!

My Gift to Dad This Father's Day is For Me, Too

6/17/21 10:31 AM

With Father's Day approaching, I found myself in a bit of a melancholy state. I can't imagine a day when I won't be able to just pick up the phone and call my dad. I can't imagine a day that I won't need him, and I don't want to. So, I got him a present for both of us. 

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